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In the mid-year of 2019, I built up a sugar/lipid metabolic improvement equation. Albeit very important for diabetics, this equation was really intended to smooth out the metabolic “spikes” that come when any of us eats high-glycemic nourishments. Since its discharge, I’ve kept on refining the recipe, to improve its adequacy. In the wake of playing with many varieties, that objective has been cultivated.

When you start to investigate the universe of herbs and enhancements that hypothetically improve the indications of awful eating regimen, you before long find that there are actually handfuls and many them. Yet, in the wake of testing for various months with every one of them, you discover that you can concentrate on a blend of only four. The estimation of this specific blend lies in the way that every one of the fixings tends to the key issues through totally extraordinary components – accordingly copying each other’s advantages, yet really supplementing and intensifying them. Most importantly it turns out to be rapidly clear that the impact of this mix is far more prominent than the whole of its parts (as huge as that entirety may be).

Shockingly, making sense of what proportion to utilize when joining these fixings isn’t simple since there is no authentic information utilizing this blend, and there are no examinations to put together any choices with respect to. That leaves just a single option – experimentation with different varieties, joined with thorough testing. Following quite a while of playing with the equation and long stretches of tweaking, ideal proportions were resolved.

My unique recipe depended on the accompanying four fixings:

Nopal desert flora

Konjac mannan

Gymnema Sylvestre

High galactomannan fenugreek extricate

How about we take a gander at the fixings independently.

Nopal Cactus – 300 mg

Nopal (Optunia) is local toward the southwestern desert areas of the United States and Mexico and has an entire scope of medical advantages (all demonstrated in various examinations, both creature and human). These incorporate the capacity to:

nopal cacusLower glucose levels by blocking retention of sugar in the intestinal tract. 1, 2, 3, 4

Lower in general cholesterol levels, improve the proportion of HDL to LDL cholesterol, and lower triglycerides by keeping the change of glucose into fat and by dispensing with abundance bile acids, which would, at last, be changed over into cholesterol.5, 6

Lower blood pressure.7

Instigate weight reduction by controlling hunger and encourage the breakdown and discharge of fat.8

Avert ulcers.9

Ensure the liver against different toxins.10, 11

Square the assimilation of fat.12

Konjac Mannan – 234 mg

Like nopal, konjac mannan (glucomannan) benefits the human body from multiple points of view. Studies have demonstrated that it can:

Lower glucose levels by enhancing insulin resistance.13

Improve cholesterol profiles by official to cholesterol and expelling it as waste.14, 15

Significantly lower triglycerides.16

Lower circulatory strain in merely weeks.16

Lessen blockage in as meager as three days.17

Help individuals get in shape and afterward keep that weight off (critical weight reduction for around 10 weeks, trailed by inconclusive stabilization).18

Fenugreek – 192 mg

As far back as antiquated Egypt, fenugreek (Trigonella foenum-graecum) was prized for its mending properties. Be that as it may, its solid harsh taste and its propensity to deliver solid scents in perspiration and pee made it not exactly ideal as a generous part of any recipe. A couple of years prior, be that as it may, bland, unscented fenugreek separate with a 60-80% galactomannan content was created. This enables access to the majority of fenugreek’s advantages, with none of the drawbacks. Advantages include:

Diminishing the glycemic rate of sustenance. In studies, the one of a kind galactomannan proportion of galactose and mannose in fenugreek decreased urinary sugar dimensions of members by as much as 54%.19

Diminishing insulin reaction to nourishment and keeping up typical serum glucose levels by backing off the assimilation rate of starches, accordingly bringing down insulin requirements.20

Restraining the ingestion of fats. (The steroidal saponins in fenugreek represent huge numbers of its use impacts, especially the restraint of cholesterol retention and synthesis.)21

Helping in weight reduction by expanding the feeling of fullness.22

Gymnema Sylvestre – 192 mg

Gymnema might be the exemplary “against sugar” herb. In India, its name truly signifies “The Sugar Destroyer.” Gymnema offers a few remarkable advantages in this recipe.

It altogether lessens the metabolic impacts of sugar by keeping the digestion tracts from engrossing the sugar particles amid the procedure of processing, and it achieves this through an unexpected system in comparison to any of alternate fixings in the recipe. The dynamic atom in gymnema, gymnemic corrosive, works by “filling” the sugar receptor destinations in the digestive tract – making them inaccessible to ingested sugars.23

It diminishes the side effects of glycosuria (sugar in the urine).24

It animates the insulin discharge of the pancreas.25

Shockingly better, It has been appealed to recover the islets of Langerhans in the pancreas, particularly the beta cells. In tests on diabetic rodents, the pancreas multiplied in size and developed new insulin-delivering cells. This is exceptionally huge. Nothing else does this.26

After some time, it decreases the preference for sugar similarly that it avoids assimilation in the digestive tract. The gymnemic corrosive hinders the receptor destinations of the taste buds. (Truth be told, put some on your tongue, and it will kill all desire for sugar for two or three hours.)27, 28

Testing the Effect

When it was first made in 2002, there were various restorative specialists who volunteered to test the recipe with their patients. Over a time of around a half year, the outcomes were out and out inexplicable. (Note: for these examinations, the main change the patients made was to take the enhancement.)


There are two things that are critical to getting it. In the first place, without whatever remains of the Baseline of Health® program being used, we are just overseeing side effects here. For whatever length of time that this regular enhancement is utilized, the indications might be directed, however the fundamental condition is probably not going to be settled if the entire program isn’t established – including dietary changes. The following is a chart demonstrating the glucose dimensions of a commonplace member in the investigation over time of around about a month and a half.

glucose levels chart demonstrates a bewildering drop off right around 500 in only two weeks. The little hiccup came about because of the individual not utilizing the equation for the multi-day while in the meantime enjoying desserts. The following day, when the equation was continued, the sugar levels by and by came back to typical. (This is a genuine case of why you truly need to join whatever remains of the Baseline of Health Program while utilizing the enhancement – to address the hidden condition.) Other models incorporate patients dropping from 387 to 82 and from 488 to the mid-80s.

Most importantly when utilized as coordinated, this characteristic equation totally dropped perilous glucose levels into the ordinary range for some members. (We’ll speak all the more later concerning why a few members did not accomplish the ideal outcomes and how they had the capacity to determine that.)

There is additionally another test, the A1c test, which demonstrates the normal measure of sugar (glucose) that has been in your blood in the course of the last 2 or 3 months. It does this by estimating the measure of glucose that is joined to your red platelets. The higher the dimension of your glucose, the more sugar will be joined to your red platelets. The glucose remains appended to the hemoglobin for the life of the red platelet, which is around 2 or 3 months. Subsequently, A1c test results give an image of how much glucose has been in your circulatory system amid the previous 2 or 3 months. On the equation, we watched numerous individuals drop from serious diabetic (9.0) to absolutely non-diabetic (5.7) in less than about a month and a half. This is extraordinary.


Cholesterol is frequently misrepresented as a factor in coronary illness. In truth, it’s liable by being found at the scene of the wrongdoing, not for really carrying out the wrongdoing itself. In any case, it is a pointer of different issues in the body- – a canary in the coal mine maybe; and there is no doubt that it thickens the blood, which when joined with limited supply routes, is an undeniable hazard to the heart and mind.

The more concerning issue is that standard professionally prescribed prescriptions (statin drugs) harm the one organ in the body, the liver, that is really in charge of directing cholesterol. The long haul ramifications of this methodology are bad. Then again, to most likely direct cholesterol while really supporting the liver would be a marvel.

At the point when individuals were on the recipe, we saw reliable descending patterns in all out in general cholesterol levels, and all the more significant, predictable improvement in the LDL/HDL proportions (from 4 to 2.3 in only 3 weeks, for instance) – all while reconstructing the liver.


We additionally observed predictable descending patterns in triglyceride levels.

Circulatory strain

Circulatory strain dropped enough for a few patients to end their pulse prescription – with their doctor’s direction.


Weight reduction in the scope of 5-8 lbs amid the examination. (Once more, with no adjustment in eating regimen.)

Insusceptible System

Albeit nothing in the equation straightforwardly influences the safe framework, the recipe will, by the by, significant advantage that framework. Since the admission of a lot of high-glycemic sugars plays ruin with the insusceptible framework, keeping the assimilation of those starches will drastically improve a great many people’s characteristic resistant capacities.

Does it Work for Everyone?

No. A large number of the general population experiencing glucose issues, and especially senior residents, likewise need adequate stomach corrosive to separate cases in a convenient way. For those individuals, we found that on the off chance that they remove the equation from the cases and drink it down blended with a little water, they begin t

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